For people who like to go bars / clubbings


Subject: Fw: For people who like to go bars / clubbings (Warnings, Please Read) 

 喜欢去酒吧的男女 (严肃,要求看完)‏

 For people who like to go bars/clubbings (Warnings, Please Read) 


In Sichuan, there’s a  case of a young girl, an undergrad university student  who went for clubbing on a fine Saturday night. She was very happy and drank a lot of alcholic  drinks. A young handsome man approached her, teasing & flirting with her. The girl finally hook up with the young handsome man and followed him to a  nearby luxury hotel for one night  stand. 


At the hotel, she was  served with a kind of alcholic drinks  (wine) and slowly she passed out. When she woke up,  she discovered that her whole body was numb in the bathtub filled with ice.  Beside the bathtub, the young handsome man left her a note written in red along with her cellphone,  “Call 120 now, or else you will die…” 


Her whole body was numb and hardly had the energy to move around. She call the number and described her present situation. A doctor on the line suggest she check her back waist whether there’s 2 cut of 9 inches opening wounds. She was extremely  shocked to find out that her situation was what the  doctor described. Then, the doctor advised her to lay back in the ice bathtub, don’t attempt to move  around and wait for paramedics to rescue  her.


It turned out that her kidneys were stolen by the young handsome man. A kidney can fetch up to 300 000 Renminbi in the black market ! A specialised doctor for the case said that the alcholic drink that was served to her in the hotel room was no ordinary wine. It maybe mixed with some kind of anaesthetic. In addition, lying her in the ice bathtub to numb her back before cutting her open can also make the victim feels no pain at all. Waiting for a kidney donor is a near impossible thing  to happen in China. After a period of unfruitful time waiting for a kidney, the poor girl died.


 Advice & Warning from the Chinese Police : This a new kind of well organized crime operating at large scale targetting especially young girls, men,  students & tourists. This kind of crime syndicates are well-trained people who are expert in  medical fields actively moving around in Shandong,  GuangZhou, ShenZhen, FoShan City, DongGuan, XiaMen, QuanZhou  City, Beijing, Shanghai, ChongQing and many other part of > China’s Clubs & Bars. Hunting for sex, one night > stand and clubbing in China can be very sorry if  you’re unlucky. Never accept free drinks or follow any  stranger to hotel. Please pass this on and warn others  to be careful and never trust strangers easily. > Alertness can prevent crises from happening.

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