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Pure corruption in awarding the (car) APs to a few

Sent: Sun, July 25, 2010 12:21:26 PM
Subject: Fw: Toyota Camry 2.4L (2010 model) for RM69,396.00!

I know you are all aware of the reasons why our car prices are artificially jack up.. This is just another reminder for you to resend to as many as possible to wake up as many as possible.

Just pure corruption in awarding the APs to a few …

Yes! And brand new!

Toyota Camry 2.4L for RM69,396.00 (and not RM170,000.00)

Toyota Altis for RM46,000 (and not RM112,000.00)

Honda Jazz for RM36,000.00 (and not RM108,000)

Want more?

Read the following forwarded article….. Syed Akbar Ali.
And know the actual prices of your dream car.

Car Prices in Malaysia
Digest this article, after that, you may need to vomit. What is the Malaysian Govt doing all these while. Ripping off our Rakyat for the last 30 yrs with APs designed to benefit a few well connected Bumis, the UMNO/BN have robbed millions of citizens in this fiasco, under the pretext of protecting our local industry. The Govt have forgotten we Malays are the largest customers in the country. What is the NEP policy doing ?? Ripping off the Malays (which forms 65% of the consumer base) to benefit a few UMNO politicians !!!

BMW 535i sells for RM178,000 in the US

In the United States of America (a developed country which we are also aspiring to become by the year 2020) a 2009 model BMW 535i Sedan is selling for about USD50,367.00. This is only RM178,000 – about the price of a Toyota Camry 2..4L here in Malaysia . The same BMW sells in Malaysia for about RM450,000.

BMW 328i sells for RM155,000 in the US

The 2009 model BMW 328i 2 door Convertible sells for USD44,014 or RM155,369.00 in the US . In Malaysia the same car sells for over
RM460,000. This is an untenable situation.

Audi A4 2.0T Cabriolet Convertible sells for RM142,000 in the US

The 2009 model Audi A4 2 Door 2.0T Cabriolet Convertible sells in the US for USD40,328.00 or RM142,357. In Malaysia the same car would sell for about RM265,000.

VW GTI 2.0T sells for RM85,000 in the US

In the US the 2009 model Volkswagen GTI 2.0T sells for USD 24,039 or RM85,000 only. In China the same car will cost around RM60,000. Over here the same VW car sells for about RM200,000.

And the 2010 model Toyota Camry 2.4L sells in the US for USD 19,659.00 or RM69,396 In Malaysia the 2008 Toyota Camry 2.4L sells for RM170,000. Toyota Camry 2.4L, 2010 model. RM69,000 in the US

Car prices in Malaysia are about three times higher than the prices in the United States . We are a developing nation. Our land and labour costs are so much cheaper than the US . Why are our cars so expensive? It does not make any sense. Tak masuk akal.

Then here are some car prices from our neighbour Indonesia .
The Toyota Altis sells in Indonesia for about RM46,000. The same car sells here for around RM 112,000. Again we are three times more expensive than Indonesia

The Honda Jazz sells here for RM108,000.. In Indonesia the Jazz sells for RM 36,000. Three times more expensive.

We are paying ridiculously high prices (and actually impoverishing the Malays – who are the largest buyers of cars in Malaysia ) to support an out of date, out of touch with reality motor car policy.

We are paying the highest car prices in the world to support the Proton and other locally made cars as well as support a mind boggling AP policy which only benefits a relatively few rich Malays. A disproportionately large number of Malays and other Malaysians are being impoverished to subsidise the wealth of a few inefficient rich.

26 million Malaysians have to pay three times more for their cars just to support Proton and 120,000 people who are directly and indirectly involved in the motor sector in Malaysia and the AP holders. That is a ratio of 216:1.

This ratio of 216:1 is too skewed. 26.0 million happier people can contribute many more votes than 120,000 members of an inefficient motor industry.. 26 million unhappy people can change a Government. (The maths is not really difficult here)

And this outdated policy is impoverishing the Malays more than anyone else.

Here is some news from our DPM Tan Sri Muhyudin Yassin about our car policy. This is truncated:

Muhyiddin assures govt support for automotive parts and component sector

1. KUALA LUMPUR, May 26 – The deputy prime minister said special focus will be given to “facilitate and encourage” the development of the automotive parts and component sector despite the current global and regional economic downturn.

2. “Under the CEPT and Asean Trade in Goods Agreements, Malaysia has agreed to eliminate import duties on all products in the Normal Track on January 1, 2010. This includes motor vehicles, auto parts and components,” he said.

3. He pointed out that the motor vehicle sub sector in Malaysia will not be directly impacted because of its heavy dependence on the domestic market.

4. “The Malaysian government recognises the contribution of the domestic automotive industry towards the development of the country.”

Para 2 sounds promising but then Para 3 and 4 basically says that the Malaysian motor car industry will continue to be protected. This means we will continue paying the highest car prices in the world for automobiles.

Cuba kita kira : kalau kereta Honda Jazz di jual dengan harga yang sebenarnya (lebih kurang RM36,000 saja) dan bukan pada harga sekarang (RM108,000) maksudnya bayaran bulanan pembeli kereta akan jadi kurang, mungkin sepertiga sahaja daripada bayaran bulanan sekarang.

Jika sekarang orang bayar RM1,500 sebulan untuk beli Honda Jazz, kalau harga kereta lebih menepati harga pasaran dunia, orang kita perlu bayar sekitar RM500 saja sebulan.

Maksudnya tanpa Kerajaan perlu membuat apa pun (merangsang ekonomi, belanja berpuluh billion Ringgit duit rakyat untuk stimulus dan sebagainya) setiap rakyat Malaysia yang membeli kereta yang seharga dengan Honda Jazz akan dapat menjimatkan sehingga RM1,000 sebulan daripada kos sara hidup bulanannya.

This is like giving the car buyer an RM1000 pay rise without incurring any extra costs for the taxpayer, the Government or the economy. It will greatly reduce the cost of living in Malaysia and spur greater economic growth too.

Tapi sekarang, yang menjadi mangsa dulu dan yang menjadi miskin dulu orang Melayu juga. Orang Melayu yang paling ramai sekali menjadi pembeli kereta dalam negara kita. Orang Melayu kebanyakannya makan gaji – tiap bulan dapat gaji tetap. Bila harga kereta naik gila, yang menjadi miskin di saf depan sekali adalah orang Melayu juga.

In absolute numbers, the Malays are suffering the most because they are the most in number among the fixed income people who also buy cars.

Some folks said the other day that Proton has 150 major component suppliers, dealers, distributors and about 500 other parts suppliers too. Of the 150 major component suppliers, about 15 of them are listed companies. In total they employ about 120,000 people. The Proton supply chain is a mix of bumiputras and non bumiputras. But here is a sad fact : none of them are operating at their level best efficiency.

Our motor car policy is forcing Malaysians to subsidise Proton so that Proton can sustain major inefficiencies in the Malaysian economy.. This is not a good thing at all.

We have to unwind this situation. Set a target of 18 months from now to unwind all protection for our motor industry. Remove the impoverishing AP policy also in 18 months. Let Malaysian car prices reflect world market prices for the same makes of cars.

If a BMW 535 sells for RM178,000 in America , it should sell for a little less here in Malaysia (our rentals and salaries are cheaper). Fw: Car Prices In Malaysia

The Ministers continue making pronouncements about the car industry as though nothing has happened. I hope everyone will please wake up. The Government has a real chance of getting thrown out of office in about three years. The people will not accept inept answers anymore.

The ridiculous car prices in Malaysia is an issue that is just beginning to get more attention and publicity. It is going to become a really big issue in the near future. Be forewarned.

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Hotel room security defeated by a piece of wire – can be secured with a towel

Don’t leave your valuable items in the hotels…or at least take some precautions. Watch this video

This video clip is pretty alarming – it shows how easy it is for a stranger to enter your hotel room, using nothing more than a piece of wire. As you can see in the clip, the wire goes under the door, and is used to open the door from the inside. In all my years of staying in hotels, I never realized how simple it could be.

Thankfully, the clip also shows how easy it is to defeat this method – stuff a towel behind the door handle. Of course, now this new entry method has been revealed to the world, I’m going to have to start using the towel protection method every time I’m in a hotel room. At least when you are in your room, you can protect against this kind of entry with the deadbolt and/or door chain, the real danger is when you are not in your room, and nobody is protecting your valuables.

Mansuh UPSR dan PMR? Mansuhkan dulu perangai buruk Menteri dan Kementerian!

Mengapa nak mansuhkan UPSR dan PMR? Ohhh…. kononnya pelajar terlalu asyik mencari A sehingga melupakan kecerdasan lain seperti kecerdasan sosial (SQ), emosi (EQ), dan rohani  (SpQ). Kononnya oleh kerana pelajar terlalu ghairah ingin skor 5A dalam UPSR dan 8A dalam PMR, pelajar sudah tidak peduli hubungan sosial, tidak pandai berkomunikasi , tidak pandai buat kerja teknikal, tidak mahu kerja buruh, mementingkan buku dan pelbagai lagi lontaran negatif diberikan kepada pelajar. Tetapi siapa yang menjadikan pelajar terkejar-kejar untuk mendapat A?

Jawapannya ada dalam lagu “bangau oh bangau”. Menteri salahkan pelajar untuk mansukan UPSR dan PMR. Pelajar salahkan guru dan ibubapa yang mahukan mereka dapat banyak A. Guru salahkan Kementerian. Kementerian nak salahkan Menteri tetapi takut.

Setiap tahun apabila keputusan peperiksaan UPSR, PMR, SPM, dan STPM dikeluarkan, Menteri akan mensesaikan berita KEJAYAAN pelajar! Setiap tahun, keputusan peperiksaan semakin CEMERLANG! Setiap tahun Menteri mahu keputusan yang LEBIH BAIK walaupun peningkatannya hanya 2% bagi setiap subjek. 2% itu pun boleh dipertikaikan.

Berita KECEMERLANGAN keputusan peperiksaan menjadi satu yang glamour. Menteri akan dipuji.  Siapa sahaja menjadi Menteri Pelajaran mahukan zamannya hebat!

Tetapi disebalik tabir, ramai guru dan pegawai Kementerian  tahu bahawa skala skor peperiksaan sentiasa diubah dengan mengubahsuai “normal curve” keputusan peperiksaaan. Kalau pada satu tahun itu markah paling tinggi ialah 100, maka markah lulus adalah 50; kalau markah paling tinggi 70 pada satu tahun yang lain pula, maka markah lulus ialah 35! Begitulah ubahsuai dilakukaan oleh pihak tertentu agar bilangan A itu sentiasa banyak walaupun ia tidak mencerminkan kecemerlangan akademik pelajar yang sebenar. Yang penting Menteri sentiasa dipuji kerana setiap tahun keputusan BAGUS!

Lantas sekolah pula berlumba-lumba untuk meningkatkan bilangan paling ramai pelajar dapat A! Sehingga banyak aktiviti sekolah dijalankan, kelas tambahan juga dijalankan di sekolah sehingga ada cikgu yang menghidap penyakit darah tinggi, depression, stress, dan burn out. Ibubapa juga tertekan kerana mahu bersaing dengan keluarga lain untuk pastikan anaknya juga dapat  banyak A. Budaya mahu dapatkan A menjadi satu “ugutan” dalam hidup dalam kalangan guru dan ibubapa. Yang menjadi mangsa ialah anak-anak/pelajar.  Hatta ada anak yang lari dari rumah dan ada yang bunuh diri kerana gagal dapat semua A atau gagal dapat banyak A!

Akibat daripada “ugutan” dan “ketakutan” gagal mendapat A, maka pusat tusyen tumbuh di sana  sana macam cendawan mecari keuntugan kerana permintaan terhadap tusyen meningkat apabila ramai ibubapa mahukan anaknya dapat A. Ada guru yang tidak mengajar dengan bersungguh di sekolah tetapi mengajar dengan amat baik  di pusat tusyen kerana mendapat bayaran tambahan. Ada juga guru besar dan guru membuka tusyen di rumah secara komersil dan menyuruh anak murid mereka ambil tusyen mereka jika pelajar mereka mahu berjaya mendapat banyak A!

Itulah Malaysia negaraku. Menteri cari glamour! Kementerian Pelajaran terpaksa melayan kemahuan politik  Menteri. Sekolah terpaksa menjadi pendidikan berorietasikan peperiksaan! Guru besar kerah guru supaya pastikan sekolah mereka sentiasa “mantop” dalam peperiksaan. Ibubapa jadi kalut kerana tekanan daripada sekolah. Pelajar jadi mangsa paling malang dalam kisah “bangau oh bangau” ini.

Wahai Menteri ku, sebelum mansuh UPSR dan PMR, mansuhkan dulu perangai Menteri mencari  glamor dan kepentingan diri.  Seterusnya

  • Menteri harus berhenti sensasikan berita keputusan peperiksaan
  • Menteri jangan biarkan media mensasikan berita keputusan peperiksaan dalam akhbar.
  • Kementerian Pelajaran jangan terus menipu rakyat dengan mengubah “normal curve” setiap tahun kerana mahu menjaga nama baik Menteri
  • Sekolah jangan tertekan dengan “ugutan” mesti tingkatkan bilangan pelajar dapatkan banyak  A
  • Ibubapa jangan jadi kelamkabut dan kerah anak bagai nak rak supaya dapat semua A dalam semua matapelajaran sehingga melupakan pembinaan saksiyyah diri anak secara menyeluruh.

Menteri harus faham tujuan peperiksaan bukan mencari pelajar pintar semata-mata tetapi yang lebih penting ialah menilai

  • Keberkesanan dan kualiti sistem pendidikan dan sistem peniliaian secara menyeluruh
  • Keberkesanan dan kualiti pendekatan pengajaran atau pedagogi
  • Keberkesanan dan kualiti proses pembelajaran dan pembinaan diri pelajar secara komprehensif
  • Keberkesanan dan kualiti hasil pembelajaran yang menyumbang kepada pembangunan negara bangsa disampingmemenuhi tenaga kerja yang diperlukan dalam negara.

Oleh itu berhentilah menyalahkan pelajar! Berhentilah polemik nak mansuhkan UPSR dan PMR! Berhentilah sensaikan berita keputusan peperiksaan setiap tahun! Berhentilah berpursa-pura!