Watch out girls on the road

There are several tactics carried out by gangsters and blood suckers on the road. Their victims are girls, women, old men who drive on the highway. Common spots are between 2 exits that near by such Kajang Bangi, Nilai Seremban, Seremban Senawang…etc.

The modus operandi is simple. It takes place between 6-8 pm. A luxury car with a fake plate number (one true case is with Singapore plate) drives very fast in any of the lanes after following you closely, and suddenly overtakes your car (who is driven by a girl/women) on the otherlane, and immediately slows down his car! Guess what happens next!

Your car will hit his car. Then the luxury car will stop. Your car also stops. Then two guys or may be three will come out from the car carrying a stick or golf stick or anything similar. They show their anger and argue and ask your to pay cash immediately.  They put a price like RM2000.00 or more.

These bastards will not allow you to call anyone and threaten you to pay cash or to be beaten there at the scene. They know you don’t have that amount of money but they will offer you to give a ride with them to the closest ATM machines (they know which ATM machine is the closest one).

There you go! You have to withdraw and pay RM2000.00 to these blood suckers. If you don’t have enough cash, they will force you to call your family members and friends to deposit the money, and you will cash it out within half an hour. Once settled, they will take you back to the scene and drop off you there, unless they want touch your body!

People out there! If you witness any accidents or broke down vehicles on the highway or anything suspicious, especially when you notice girls, women, and old people at such unfortunate scenes, yet you can’t stop, please CALL 999 or PLUS PlusLine 1800-88-0000 or the number on your Touch-N-Go card or PLUS ticket  immediately.  Tell them “the KM number that you notice by the side of the road” and “the direction of the road”.

One phone call,  which costs only 10 cents could have saved a life, two lives and/or prevented unnecessary injury or terrible crime. Please, let’s fight crimes together.

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