BERSIH 2.0 Can we believe this?

Watch this video for TOP 10 police brutalities! not in Gaza but Kuala Lumpur

just added 22 July 2011—–more on police provocative actions..


BN-UMNO, PERKASA and Police said police were nice to people, but look at these photos. This is one of the many brutalities done the police to rakyat who brought no weapon with them but bare hands.

 Bleeding head caused by the brutality of the police. Watch the youtube that shows how this innocent man was grabbed harshly, his body was turned over, fell off the ground, and later both hands were tied up by police.

YB Khalid Samad, MP Shah Alam was hit my FRU’s  tear gas canister; the canister should have been shothigh above the head but was shot directly to the crowd and it hit Khalid’s head! What a nice police we have in Malaysia!

Shame on you Malaysian Police

BN-UMNO, PERKASA and Police advised “Chinese please stay home and store some food at home because there will be chaotic situations like 13 May” but look at these Chinese Malaysians, Malay Malaysians, and Indian Malaysians including the olds and the youngs, the pregnants, women and girls, and many more….they are united for the sake of clean and fair election. Only chauvinistic Malays, Chinese, and Indians do not understand the meaning of clean and fair election would stay home and glue their mouths.

BN-UMNO, PERKASA and Police said the DEMO BERSIH will threaten the national security, but….is it true? Whose security?

Lagi catatan seorang peserta Cina: Saya terpegun melihat polis memukul Melayu

Kempen “Aduan Keganasan Polis 9/7”

Catatan seorang penuntut IPTA: Polis beri isyarat sertai perhimpunan?

BERSIH 2.0 membersihkan stigma dan ketakutan masyarakat Cina Malaysia terhadap demonstrasi

Kisah 709 seorang paderi: Air mata saya mengalir demi tanahair ini

Catatan seorang peserta Cina: Saya rasa selamat bersama orang PAS

Wanita Sabah yang BERANI bersama BERSIH di Kuala Lumpur. Rakyat Sabah boleh berbangga kerana ada wakil Sabah yang cintakan pilihanraya yang bersih lagi adil.

PM Malaysia dan isteri di sambut oleh BERSIH 2.1 di Britain. Klik pada foto untuk saiz besar.

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