Rape Cases in the Air

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Subject: Fw: Rape on a plane… share with all women]

Subject : Rape on the Airline

Don’t fly Emirates you might end up with your ass pop like a pop-corn (for male) or you might get your pxxxy like a smashed oyster.


I really find it hard to believe such incident can happen in the plane..But nothing is impossible nowadays. So for any of you or spouse who are travelling alone, just take note on this
Subject : Rape on the Airline

Actually there are a lot of Saudi rape and abuse cases reported in newspapers. Their govt will protect their own citizens and usually turn a blind eye towards the victims (foreigners) or even jail them for supposedly making false accusations. So, stay the same.

> The most horrific incident has recently occurred on a Emirates Airlines and the culprits have gotten away with it. The worst thing about this case is that this is the 4th case to have happened on this airline.

> During the Christmas of 2005, Emirates Airline made it’s regular flight from Dubai to Manila . However, 4 hours into the flight, most passengers were sleeping or dozing off. A man approached a lady who was alone and asked her to assist his child in the bathroom. Not thinking much the lady followed the gentleman to the rear of the plane.

> Immediately she was grabbed by the man’s 3 accomplices who immediately gagged and taped her mouth and then went on to rape her in the back area of the craft while 2 kept watch, 2 others molested and raped her.

> After they had all had a turn, they forced her to drink a drug laced drink and escorted her to her seat. She had knocked off until she arrived in manila by which time the 4 men had disembarked and gotten away.

> This is a repeat case of the same thing that happened on a flight from Dubai to Mumbai on a Emirates airline.

> The Emirates staff are aware of this but when the staff have some suspicion of some incident taking place they make it a point to avoid going to the back of the plane.

> This is the 4th case to take place on Emirates airline.

> However the worst case of a rape victim on a emirates flight was when a flight from Bangkok to Dubai . The lady was not only raped on flight but she was taken thru immigration into Dubai and raped for several days and then later on sold to the underground.

> Please pass this on to all females who travel alone.

lizagirl 😉

Live simply. Love generously. Care deeply. Speak kindly. Leave the rest to God…

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