Think that it’s safe to withdraw money over the ATM? Well, you’re never safe, as long as technology is around, there’ll always be someone there to try to steal your information and this time, it’s by using a fake keyboard.

There may be security cameras to keep watch and guards to keep you safe, but they cannot make the machines a safe one to access; once placed over the original ATM keyboard, the fake one here will be impossible to detect.

You can still interact normally with the ATM machine, but whatever you key in will be captured and a fake magnetic strip reader will be used. It looks like the information will then be stored into a cellphone connected to the back of the machine at a hidden location.

But of course, there are fake whole ATM machines lurking out there, but it takes much more effort to place one in a bank and not get noticed. A keyboard and fake magnetic strip reader on the other hand, is much easier to place. Don’t worry about it much though, for now at least, it might take some time for such technology to reach Malaysia and when they do, let’s pray our banks are already fully aware of them. Visit Gizmodo to see more pictures.

(Source: Gizmodo)


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