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IS, ISIS is not Islam, it is an Israel-USA fabricated group in Syria

When you control the oil in the world, you have the POWER! How to control the oil resources in the Middle East and Persian Gulf (Western Asia) ? The answer is “create a chaotic situation continuously in the region”. Destabilize the areas, weaken the nations (Arabs), and corrupt the leaders of those nations.

ISIS  stands International Secret Intelligence of Syria

IS not Islamic Islamic State.

Finally, Obama Admits He is training ISIS in Syria. October 18, 2015

Before  October 18, 2015, Obama said ISIS is not Islamic but he didn’t reveal who is behind ISIS


The so-called “Abu Bakar Al Baghdadi”, the leader of ISIS, is a fake name.  He is not a Muslim! His name is Elliot Shimon


He is a Jew, fluent in Arabic, and trained by Mossad.


Elliot Shimon@Abu Bakar Al Baghdadi, is the man behind the scene on ISIS.


This is a FACT, a non Muslim, a western journalist, said he had never seen ISIS with Quran at all.  He was a hostage for one year under ISIS.


It started with ISIS launched a small attack in the capital city of Syria but  made series of attacks on innocent Sunni Muslims in residential areas. The we witnessed common people were killed. In response to ISIS attack, Syrian government bombed innocent Sunni Muslims in a different residential areas in Syria because Assad claimed ISIS members are hiding in those areas. Again we witnessed common people were killed. Then ISIS attacked France recently. France retaliated and bombed and killed innocent Sunni Muslims in different residential areas. More common people were killed. France carried out the bombing claimed in Syria because ISIS said ISIS is from Syria. Still, we witness common people were killed again and again. Nevertheless, the biggest message to be conveyed is “Arab world in in war.”


The fact of the matter, ISIS never attacked Israel.

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Cyber activists published pictures of ISIL members having US army tattoos on their hands.

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This man with tattoo is apparently not Muslim. Islam prohibits tattoo.


The following ISIS man is a Christian, not a Muslim. Yes he is an Israeli soldier.


It is clear now ISIS is not an Islamic group.


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